Graham Heatley welcomes investment.

The recent announcement by General Motors, securing the future of the Vauxhall factory in Ellesmere Port until at least 2020 with the creation of a further 700 jobs, is only the start of the good news.

Said Graham “The Council’s commitment to create an automotive manufacturing

park in Ellesmere Port is an inspired idea that has not only helped GM make their decision but encouraged Jaguar Land Rover to move a logistics facility to the area. This will create 300 new jobs and will, in the long run, bring in an increasing number of businesses looking to supply parts for Vauxhall, JLR and other manufacturers. This will create hundreds, if not thousands of new jobs.”

Our Council is committed to working with the private sector, national government and unions to maximise the opportunities for private investment in west Cheshire. In retail, Marks & Spencer is creating in the region of 650 jobs. Regatta forecasts in the region of 350 new jobs. However it does not end there, Peel looks set to create 3000 – 3500 jobs in the region. These are just the highlights and many jobs are being created within the small business sector too.

Councillor Heatley added

“Our economic future in west Cheshire looks positive. Due to the work our Council is doing we are helping to create thousands of jobs locally against the worst financial backdrop since the 1930s. Yet in Ellesmere Port, Labour failed to make any real progress in times of plenty. With Elton and its surrounding villages a stone’s throw from these opportunities it can only be good news for our residents. We are making west Cheshire the best place to live and work in the UK.”

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