Jill Houlbrook – De-clutter our streets!

Cllr Jill Houlbrook (Upton) is urging residents to do their bit in clearing our neighbourhoods of street clutter.

“It’s easy for most of us to not notice when there is clutter on our streets, because for most of us it isn’t a problem. But some in our community, for example the blind and partially-sighted or wheelchair users, would benefit from a de-cluttering of our neighbourhoods.” said Jill.

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association organised a street clutter survey over Diamond Jubilee weekend and are still looking for people to help out. Here are some ways they say we can all help:

  • Trim back overhanging trees and prune bushes and shrubs so they don’t make walking on the pavement difficult.
  • Consider pedestrians when parking your car. Don’t take up so much room on a pavement that a pushchair, wheelchair user or guide dog and its owner can’t get past.
  • Take care when putting out your wheelie bins, don’t block the pavement with them and take them in as soon as possible. Reflective white stripes on bins highlight them to people with limited vision.
  • Don’t drop litter! Broken glass can injure guide dogs and pets while chewing gum can get stuck in their paws and fur.
  • Be considerate about where you leave your bike. Use proper cycle racks wherever you can or if there are none around – don’t leave your cycle in the way of pedestrians’ feet!
  • If you’re putting out a bulky waste item such as a fridge for the council to collect, again think about where you’re putting it and the effect that will have on pedestrians.
  • Report broken street lights, badly cracked paving slabs, potholes, damaged drain covers or anything else that might prove a hazard to the council – don’t assume they will notice these things automatically.

Added Jill “I would encourage everyone to take a look around their street and see if there is anything they can do to improve clutter. And you can report things like cracked pavements to the council online”

Click here to report it to the council online and let your Conservative councillor know if you have any suggestions for de-cluttering our streets.

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