Cllr Ann Wright: Adoption of Leech Lane

Notices are now being displayed on Leech Lane in Malpas advertising Cheshire West and Chester’s intention to adopt the Lane.

This follows probably 15 plus years of trying to get the lane properly maintained.

The Lane which runs from Chester Road to Craddock Court and provides the shortest route to the shops for many people, including residents from Craddock Court which provides sheltered accommodation, has long been a matter of concern to residents and was best described as a muddy, uneven and dangerous track. For many year residents and Parish Councillors have held discussions with Chester City Council and Cheshire County Council to get the lane improved and adopted however issues of funding and ownership meant nothing was ever achieved.

Commenting on the moves, Cllr Ann Wright (Malpas) said “Through close working between CW&C area working team, highways, Malpas Parish Council and myself the project which cost over £35,000 is now near completion. Leech Lane has been totally transformed with a new tarmac surface, new drains and street lights and will be adopted and maintained by CW&C in the future. It is fantastic to see what can be achieved when we all work together!”

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