Great Boughton Councillors Support Call for Independent Roundabout Survey.

Cllrs Keith Board, Pamela Hall & Mark Williams debate the “Hamburger” Roundabout.

Thursday’s Full Council meeting saw members debate a 1891 signature petition calling on the council to undertake an urgent independent review of the impact of the new junction throughout the surrounding area.

Great Boughton Councillor, Pamela Hall reminded people that the council had rejected the plans but that permission had been granted by a planning inspector on appeal. She welcomed the work done by the Council’s safety auditors who had identified further work that needed carrying out:

“I am delighted that at last these safety improvements will start. The installation of additional signs and road markings will allow drivers more time to choose the correct lane… and so be far safer.”

“Whilst it may appear that little of a visible nature has happened recently discussions have been ongoing with our Council Highways experts and the Developer’s Independent Highways contractors, looking at additional ways of improving capacity and traffic flows to alleviate the difficulties that are currently being experienced.”

“I fully support all the petitioners that an independent survey must be carried out. CEG must ensure the roundabout meets the specifications they promised.”

Cllr Hall was supported in the debate by fellow Great Boughton member, Cllr Keith Board, and the member for Dodleston & Huntingdon, Cllr Mark Williams.

Residents are urged to submit their concerns about the junction to the council’s planning department before the next stage application for homes at Saighton are considered In September.

You can watch the debate from the council’s webcast by clicking here.

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