Parking in Handbridge.

Cllr Razia Daniels:

Parking has been identified as a huge problem in Handbridge so Cllr Neil Sullivan and I decided to devote our area forum meeting to try and address some of the parking issues residents are experiencing.

This was an opportunity for us to find out exactly what the issues were and also provide residents with information about residents’ parking scheme.

Cllr Razia Daniels and Cllr Neil Sullivan

Cllr Razia Daniels and Cllr Neil SullivWhen houses were built in Handbridge they were not built with parked cars in mind.

I spoke to a lady in Percy Road who remembers no cars parked in the street. It was a luxury to own a car in those days but now almost every household has a least one car.

We have shoppers, race-goers, students and city centre workers who prefer to park in Handbridge as it is very convenient.

We invited Parking Services to explain the possibility of introducing resident parking scheme.  Residents were advised to take a copy of the policy and procedure to see if they meet the criteria should they wish to be considered in the future.

We have listened to the various concerns raised and have a list of issues we are trying to address.  Residents who were not able to attend and are experiencing parking problems should get in touch with us.

We are realistic and appreciate that there is not one single answer and that every street has different issues so we are planning another meeting – a parking workshop.  We are inviting one or two representative per street to work through issues with them and look for solutions which will hopefully ease the situation.

Cllr Neil Sullivan:

We receive more resident queries and problems regarding parking in Handbridge than anything else.
Much of Handbridge was built without modern car usage in mind.

As Handbridge is near the city centre we get a lot of people parking there for work or shopping as a way to avoid City centre parking charges

We decided to start a process of dialogue with our residents to try and see if there are ways to  improve the situation. This may include residents parking schemes in some streets, reviewing yellow lines restrictions and other ideas that may emerge.

We found some volunteers at the meeting prepared to take part in workshops where we will look at the issues in detail with our Highways Engineers and evaluate what can be done. It will take  some time but we hope some good ideas will emerge from the Community.

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