The Draft Local Plan

Right now, the Borough Council’s Executive is hearing from the public and councillors about the Draft Local Plan, which it is proposing to put out to public consultation. (Watch the webcast live by clicking here)

The Draft Local Plan sets out how communities across the Borough might change and develop between now and 2030 by setting minimum numbers for housing development, allocating land for housing and employment purposes and more. (Click here to see the agenda for Executive and the Draft Local Plan)

The Draft Local Plan suggests housing numbers for each of our major towns and maximum development numbers for many of our key villages too. The Draft Local Plan has been developed after several years of work and consultation with residents, community groups and councillors. 

If the Executive approves the Draft Local Plan for consultation, then there will be 8 weeks during which anybody with comments on the plan, positive or negative, can make them. These will then be forwarded to the Secretary of State who will appoint an Inspector to hold an examination in public. This will give people who have made comments the opportunity to make their case to the Inspector directly. 

There are some parts of the Draft Local Plan which are contentious, and three of our Conservative colleagues, have written to Cllr Herbert Manley to express their concerns and request further scrutiny of the Draft Local Plan. You can find the letter from Councillors Gareth Anderson, Razia Daniels and Neil Sullivan, by visiting where it has just been published. 

Please return to this site to find further updates and information about how you can take part in the public consultation.

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