Labour Threat To Close Neston Recreation Centre

Neston residents will be shocked to learn that Labour councillors propose plans which could force Neston Recreation Centre to close, in favour of making the new pool in Ellesmere Port larger.

The Conservative Borough Council is spending almost £30million on two new leisure centres, including one in Ellesmere Port. Labour councillors, however, called-in the decision, saying they wanted the pools to be larger, and cited a report by the Amateur Swimming Association in support of their arguments.

That report also said

“…should the Council choose to build a 50 metre pool then two existing pools should be closed.”

The present proposal is for a 25 metre pool.

Cllr Kay Loch

Cllr Kay Loch

Kay Loch, Conservative Councillor for Little Neston & Burton, explained “It is obvious that the Neston pool would close if Labour’s plans were supported . Under the old Labour-run council, Neston often used to lose out to Ellesmere Port. What is especially shocking this time is that the Labour opposition councillor leading these outrageous plans, Louse Gittins, represents Little Neston!”

The majority Conservative Councillors on the Corporate Scrutiny Committee found no evidence that larger pools would be affordable or would add any great advantage. They also stated they would not want to support spending more in Ellesmere Port at the risk of closing the Neston pool.

If you are against closing the Neston Pool you can register your view by emailing Kay at:
Please give your name and address and optionally your telephone number.

To view the webcast of the scrutiny meeting click here, and the Executive meeting, click here. You can download the report containing the reference to closing pools by clicking here: Call-In Leisure Investment (see paragraph 4.17)

2 responses to “Labour Threat To Close Neston Recreation Centre

  1. It seems to me important for safety of the young by learning to swim and health , especially of the older generation , to keep as many local pools available as possible. Very few of us aspire to Olympic levels of prowess. Keep journey times low. Make it possible to walk or cycle to a pool.

  2. It is outrageous that there is news that something of benefit to neston & surounding communities will close down,for the only benefit of ellesmere port, I’m very disappointed that neston is yet again not having investment

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