Cheshire West & Chester Council Annual Report 2014/15

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Cheshire West & Chester Council has published it’s Annual Report for 2014/15, showing the then Conservative run Council continuing it’s record of protecting front line services and investing in our Borough’s future.


The Council’s 2014/15 Annual Report provides an opportunity to reflect upon it’s 6th year and to review achievements across the Council including winning 21 National Awards, such as the Best Achieving Council in the Municipal Journal Awards 2015, Local Government Chronicle Environment Award, LARAC Best Communication Campaign Award, Corporate Disability Access Forum won the Improved Mobility category of the Accessible Britain Challenge Awards and the Council was highly commended in the Local Government Chronicle Council of the Year 2015 category.

Over the past year the Council continued to secure better outcomes for our residents by investing in prevention, helping and protecting vulnerable individuals and families, supporting economic growth and enabling local communities to solve local problems.

The previous Conservative administration have a proven track record of saving money yet improving the quality of the services by transforming the way they are delivered and we still found the money in these very difficult financial times to invest in our schools, roads, cultural and sports facilities and the regeneration of our City and Towns.

The Conservative administration has left behind a record to be proud of and golden legacy for the new Labour administration, let us all hope they do not waste it.

Expenditure and Investment 2014~15

Expenditure and Investment 2014~15

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