Full Council: Trade Union motion pulled by Labour Councillors

Cheshire West & Chester Council’s Full Council meeting on Thursday 22 October was due to see Councillors debating a Labour motion on Trade Union concerns until the Item was withdrawn at the beginning of the meeting without explanation.

The decision to put it on the agenda in the first place at a time when the Council should be considering how to continue the good local economic record of the former Conservative administration had raised quite a few eyebrows. It appeared the new Labour administration had decided to debate National policies of Trade Union reform, with a motion which seemed was originally provided by Unite the Union, with a few alterations.

The original Unite motion can be seen below, CWaC Labour’s motion can be seen by simply removing the words in RED and adding the words in GREEN.

Red taken out, Green put in.

Unite motion: CWaC Labour edits: Red taken out, Green put in.

According to the Register of Interests (as at 21 October 2015), held by Cheshire West & Chester, 22 of the 38 Labour Councillors have union links, with 18 being members and 4 retired members.

Cheshire West’s new Cabinet has 9 Councillors of which 6 are union members and of those 3 are members of Unite.

The motion was being proposed by Cllr Paul Donovan, who is a member of Unite.

So why did Labour propose this motion in the first place and then withdraw it without explanation?

Residents of Cheshire West & Chester deserve an answer.

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