Cheshire West & Chester financial consultations

Scrutiny of fine details is essential.

Scrutiny of fine details is essential.

Cheshire West & Chester Conservatives are urging residents to respond to Cheshire West & Chester’s financial consultations as these will have significant impacts on local communities.

Labour run Cheshire West & Chester Council has 2 consultations “Let’s Talk” on the overall Budget for 2016/17 and “New Homes Bonus” which specifically targets those areas of the borough which have Town and Parish councils.

The “Let’s Talk” consultation ends on 6 January. Full details can be found here:

Amongst the many proposals for consultation within the Full 32 page document include:

(D6) An increase in Cremation Fees.

(D8) A reduction in the Community Safety Team which deals with Anti-Social Behaviour.

(G8) A reduction in the number of Borough Councillors.

(G11) cutting the Member Budgets which Local Councillors have for use on community projects and initiatives.

(J1) Develop a new car parking strategy: “A new approach will be developed that meets the needs of those who live, work and visit the borough. It will also consider how parking can support wider objectives around reducing congestion and enhancing local economic growth. Specific changes may include new payment technology to make paying for parking more convenient, implementing new enforcement measures, and introducing charges in areas of the borough that currently do not levy a charge. Any income will be reinvested back into the service and will enable the Council to reduce its current costs. Overall this may save up to £1.5 million. This proposal will be subject to further work and consultation.”

** [UPDATE 6 January: 6-8pm CWC Labour Cabinet approved 2 items in “Let’s Talk” with annual cost of £622,000 despite “Let’s Talk” not closing until midnight that night, items are (HC) Living Wage £422,000 and (JB) 20 mph limits £200,000] **

In addition to this, CWC is also running a new consultation (ends 5 February) regarding the proposed withdrawal of “New Homes Bonus” monies from Town and Parish Councils, in essence the “New Homes Bonus” is an amount paid by central Government to local Councils when new houses are built, CWC currently keeps 80% to pay for services centrally and passes 20% of these monies from each new house to the Parish where that house is built for the Town or Parish Council to use for community purposes. The removal of such funding therefore could have a considerably impact on Town and Parish Councils, as all 100% of the funding would then be held centrally by CWC.

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