Local Conservatives identify potential funding source for investment in Community Centres

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A Review of Community Centres in Cheshire West & Chester is being discussed at Overview & Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday 9th March and it could impact on a number of Community Centres in the Ellesmere Port and Chester areas.

Local Conservative Councillor Nige Jones, who represents Little Neston & Burton Ward said:

“I noted this item on the forthcoming Scrutiny meeting and I hope the Council will proactively consider how it could invest in Community Centres.

I hope when the issue is discussed at Scrutiny they will be able to recommend an important potential source of income for repair and refurbishment works.

I would like to propose that Scrutiny considers the local element of New Homes Bonus as the primary source of any investment. Whilst it is very sad the administration chose to remove the 20% local element at Budget Council, I understand there is still a large surplus for most of the areas these community Centres are located. This would allow any investment decision to take place as soon as possible.

This would be a great way on ensuring these funds which came from new housing developments are actually spent in the local areas which have been impacted by them.”

Conservative member of Scrutiny Cllr Stuart Parker said “I think Cllr Nige Jones’s idea for the use of the surplus pre-2016 local element of New Homes Bonus for these areas in those areas, is a great idea indeed and I will ensure it is raised on the night”.

The Community Centre Review will cover 8 Centres in Ellesmere Port (Little Sutton, Wolverham, Westminster, Flatt Lane, Thelwall Road, Hope Farm, Stanney Grange, Overpool) 3 in Chester (Hoole, Lache, Water Tower Garden) and 2 in Winsford (Dingle, Wharton).

Agenda for Overview & Scrutiny, Wednesday 9th March, Item 10:

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