Your Conservative Councillors:

Thank you for voting for your Conservative Candidates for May 2015, please use the drop down “Your Conservative Councillors” bar above for our elected Councillors. Full list of 2015 candidates below:

Ward (Number of Council seats): Names of Candidate(s). Elected

Blacon (3): Christian Dunn, Jack Jackson , Alexander Roberts.
Boughton (1): Kate Vaughan
Chester City (1): Carlotta Dunn
Chester Villages (2): Margaret Parker, Stuart Parker
Davenham and Moulton (3): James Pearson, Gaynor Sinar, Helen Weltman
Doddleston and Huntington (1): Mark Williams
Ellesmere Port Town (2): Gordon Meldrum, Graham Pritchard
Elton (1): Graham Heatley
Farndon (1): Howard Greenwood
Frodsham (2): Andrew Dawson, Lynn Riley
Garden Quarter (1): Ed Longe
Gowy (1): Eleanor Johnson
Grange (1): Simon Eardley
Great Boughton (2): Keith Board, Pamela Hall
Handbridge Park (2): Razia Daniels, Neil Sulivan
Hartford and Greenbank (2): Susan Kaur, Patricia Parkes
Helsby (1): Alan McKie
Hoole (2): Lesley George, Aden Lucas.
Kingsley (1): Ralph Oultram
Lache (1): Michael Tomlinson
Ledsham and Manor (2): Gareth Anderson, Rob Griffiths
Little Neston and Burton (2): Nigel Jones, Kay Loch
Malpas (1): Chris Whitehurst
Marbury (3): Lynn Gibbon, Don Hammond, Norman Wright
Neston (1): Paul Lloyd
Netherpool (1): Jack Harris
Newton (2): Pauline Brown, Adrian Walmsley
Parkgate (1): Andrew Merrill
Rossmore (1): Linda Jones
Saughall and Mollington (1): Brian Crowe
Shakerley (1): Mark Stocks
St Paul’s (2): Francis Kwateng, Steve Loch
Strawberry (1): Nicholas Hebson
Sutton (2): Lee Evans, Sandra Evans
Tarporley (1): Eveleigh Moore-Dutton (now Independent)

Tarvin and Kelsall (2): Hugo Deynem, John Leather
Tattenhall (1): Mike Jones
Upton (2): Jill Houlbrook, Hilary McNae
Weaver and Cuddington (3): Charles Fifield, Harry Tonge, Paul Williams
Whitby (2): Brian Anderson, Bob Crompton
Willaston and Thornton (1): Myles Hogg
Winnington and Castle (2): Kathy Ford, Jim Sinar
Winsford Over and Verdin (3): Michael Baynham, Margaret Dolphin, Lynda Jones
Winsford Swanlow and Dene (2): Lesley Greenwood, Phil Rimmer
Winsford Wharton (2): Charles Hardy, Peter Jones.
Witton and Rudheath (2): George McDowell, Linda Nelson



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