Thank you for voting for Graham Heatley, Councillor for Elton Ward 2011-21-5 in May 2015.

Roads and Footpaths.

Over the last few months, Graham has met on a regular basis with lead highways officers in and around Elton Ward. Here are some of the issues he has raised:
• The poor state of footpaths running around Elton, e.g. behind Alvanley View.

• The break-up of rural road surfaces in Ince due to regular use by heavy vehicles.

•In Little Stanney and Stoak there are issues around parking which residents have raised with Graham.

•Flooding along Ince Lane in Elton, especially in April with increased rainfall making the road particularly unsafe.

•Speeding through Thornton-le-Moors.

“After continued discussion with highways, I have been given assurances that a programme of resurfacing damaged footpaths through Elton is a priority.

Funding has been found for repairs to some rural roads around Ince. I will continue to seek solutions to parking problems in Little Stanney and Stoak. Improvements to drains on Ince Lane seem to have helped with flooding in Elton.

There are no quick solutions, and money is tight, but I will continue to fight for resources for all of the villages within my ward.”

Jubilee Fetes: Graham secured funds from local businesses to help the successful Jubilee Fetes in Elton and Ince. Many thanks to all those who helped organise them.

Christmas Lights: Graham paid for Christmas lights in Elton in the form of street garlands and he will continue to do so.

Elton Live Youth Club:Graham paid for the TV/DVD Chillzone and craft items for the club.

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  • Deputy Chairman of the Community Governance Review Committee
  • Member of Children & Education Scrutiny Committee
  • Member of Licensing and its sub-panels
  • Chester Charter Trustee.
  • Graham is also an Elton Parish Councillor and Chairman of Thornton-le-Moors Parish Council.

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