Gowy: Cllr Eleanor Johnson

Thank you for re-electing Eleanor Johnson as your Councillor in 2015.

To contact Eleanor, click here.


Eleanor has been a local councillor since 1994, she has sat on Chester City Council, and Cheshire County Council before being elected to Cheshire West and Chester. She has lived all her in life in the Ward, and Eleanor, her husband and son farm the family farms.

Eleanor was the Lord Mayor of Chester and Chairman of Cheshire West & Chester Council from 2011-2012.


Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council  in undertaking a Community Governance Survey of Gowy Ward, you should have or will very soon receive a questionnaire for each household, asking you for your views of how your Parish Council is working in your Community. Please do fill this in and return in the envelope provided, or take the time to till the form in on line. The information is very important to us all, your Parish Council and myself do want to know your views. You can find more information by clicking here. 

At the Gowy Forum recently, we were promised that CWAC would let all the clerks of the Parish Councils know the dates that they roads were to be swept in the areas, then residents can be made aware of this, and help by parking their cars off the roads for the dates in question. It was also agreed that the road brush and letter picking will follow after this, to clean up our villages.

Cllr Johnson as Lord Mayor presenting awards at the Rural Women’s Awards evening.

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