Little Neston and Burton: Cllr Nigel Jones

Thank you voting for electing Councillor Nigel Jones in May 2015 and also for voting for Kay Lock as our 2 Conservative Candidates for Little Neston and Burton.

To contact Nigel, please click here.



During her period of office former Councillor Kay Lock had been working hard on local bus routes, footpaths and access to the new bird sanctuary. Kay is also a Neston Town Councillor for Ness. Kay also recently organised an event for Neston residents to meet with the Leader of the Council and other colleagues at Neston Cricket Club. This was a great success and she hopes to organise more in future.

You will find more information in the newsletter that Kay recently delivered throughout the ward. We will post a copy on here soon.



Here are just a few of the many things Kay has worked on in recent years across the ward:

  • Been working on developing footpaths from Ness to the Gardens, Station Road to Burton Rocks and access to the marsh from Neston
  • Supported Ness Conservation Society in its bid for village green status through a public enquiry
  • Worked to improve the design of local developments such as at the former Mealor Mowers site
  • Paid for new play equipment at Bishop Wilson Primary school with their councillor budgets
  • Working for the creation of cycleways across the area, especially linking to Chester and Wales
  • Ensured that Burton Road was resurfaced
  • Assisted residents with many planning issues, including organising site visits, and getting officer recommendations overturned
  • Cheshire West councillors and officers are working with Ness Gardens to provide a much-needed footpath from Ness to the Garden s. Thanks to the generosity of Ness Gardens; this footpath is now scheduled to be created this year.
  • Supporting Ness Conservation Society in its bid for village green status through a public enquiry
  • Ongoing work  to create new access from Ness (Snab Lane) down to the marsh.
  • Input from local councillors helped to obtain an improved design for the new development at the former Mealor Mowers site.
  • Provided much-appreciated play equipment to Bishop Wilson School using the councillor’s allowance.
  • Councillor input also assisted with the provision of the permissive footpath from Station Road to Burton Rocks. Work is ongoing to create a cycleway along the estuary, linking Neston to the Chester and North Wales cycleways and providing a safe and pleasant alternative to the A540.
  • The recent re-surfacing of Burton Road has been much appreciated.
  • At the request of residents, the councillor has called in planning applications for site visits by the planning committee and, on one occasion, overturned the planning officer’s recommendation.
  • Work on improving the footpath along the estuary from Burton to Neston has  been much appreciated and led to many more walkers visiting the area.
  • Kay has encouraged Cheshire West countryside rangers to walk with her to familiarise themselves with this charming area and hopes to work with the parish council and residents on any issues needing support.



Hello, I live in Ness with my husband Steve, teenage son Ian and two rescued whippets. Back in the days of the former Ellesmere Port and Neston Borough Council there was no collection of domestic recycled waste and this annoyed me so much that I became a councillor to try to improve the situation. As we all now recycle on average above 60% of our rubbish I think this is a definite result!

Born in Kendal, Westmoreland, I originally trained as a landscape architect but a career change led to working for a large firm of accountants, advising clients on ways to minimise import duties and VAT.  In need of a career break, we came to settle in Ness, looking to lead the good life and the area has lived up to our expectations magnificently. I started a small business selling children’s outdoor activity toys and moved on to managing several houses rented to students from Leahurst Veterinary College. Steve has worked for the Oceanographic Laboratory at Liverpool University for forty-odd years and will probably have to be carried out!

We enjoy outdoor activities; walking, cycling, skiing and recently learnt to sail. Ian is a stalwart hockey player for Neston Cricket Club which is going from strength to strength and I keep intending to improve my poor tennis game but would rather read detective novels.

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