Malpas: Cllr Chris Whitehurst

Thank you for electing Councillor Chris Whitehurst in the May 2015 election.

To contact Chris, click here. 


We would like to thank former Councillor Ann Wright for her service to the people of Malpas prior to her stepping down in May 2015.

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“I became a councillor in 2007 when I joined Chester City Council although this was only four years ago so much has changed that it can seem like a life time. I am now in my second term representing the Malpas Ward and despite the difficulties we face this is an exciting time to be a councillor.

There are opportunities now more than ever for our communities to work together to get things done and we can see that in Malpas where Leech lane has now been resurfaced following over 20 years of asking.

I am now working on plans with Threapwood Parish Council to introduce a 40mph speed limit throughout the village of Threapwood something residents have been calling for for years.

Being a councillor is all about working with people to achieve goals because none of us have all the answers but if we work together we can make changes.

When I drive into my ward having been to Chester or Winsford or even further a field I feel a deep sense of pride that I have been given the chance to represent such a stunning area which has so much to offer!!”

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