Thank you for voting for your 2 Conservative candidates for May 2015, Pauline Brown and Adrian Walmsley.

Prior to May 2015, Newton was represented by former Adrian Walmsley and Tom Parry who stepped down in May and we thank then both for their hard work and dedication to the ward during their time as Councillors.

Newton Councillors 2011-2015

Newton Councillors 2011-2015


Congratulations to New Residents’ Association

RESIDENTS in Newry Park, Newry Park East and Newry Court have set-up a residents’ association with support from local Conservative Councillors Tom Parry and Adrian Walmsley. Residents have also successfully established themselves as a Home Watch area.

Cllr Walmsley said, “We are delighted to help residents in this area – we are organising a Community Impact Day to cut-back over-grown shrubs and remove weeds and are looking at lighting in the area to improve safety.”

Cllr Parry added “With funding from our members’ budget we’re also supporting the residents’ association’s first event – a Jubilee Barbecue – what a great way for the community to get together!”

For more information on Home Watch visit or contact your local Councillors Adrian Walmsley and Tom Parry.


More Anti-Speeding Signs for Newton.

Newton is to benefit from a further two flashing signs to alert speeding motorists that they are breaking the speed limit thanks to our local councillors Tom Parry and Adrian Walmsley.

The two signs are on Plas Newton Lane and Newton Lane and have been funded by our councillors members’ budgets. The additions come following the successes of previous signs on Kingsway.

Councillor Walmsley said: “Councillor Parry and I have been encouraged by the success of the two flashing signs installed at nearby Kingsway last year, which I helped to fund via my Members’ budget.

“They have proved very effective, helping to calm traffic in an area where speeding can be a real concern.”

Councillor Parry said: “We hope the new signs have a similar effect in Newton Lane and Plas Newton Lane and make motorists think twice about their speed.

“This is an excellent example of how Members’ budgets can be used to address issues of concern to local residents for the benefit of the wider community.”



Tom is the Chairman of the Health & Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee and Adrian Chairs the Council’s Licensing Committee.

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