Saughall and Mollington: Cllr Brian Crowe

Thank you for re-electing Brian Crowe as your Councillor in 2015.

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Mollington and Saughall  Summer Update .

“Busy times“ all around with so many projects on the go.

As far as i am aware the Jubilee Celebrations were enjoyed by everyone,….Saughall’s Music in the Park and a wonderful Fete in Capenhurst were blessed with glorious June weather, as was the Sparkle Party with the Beacon lighting in Mollington .

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The band of travellers that arrived a week or two ago, encamped on private land alongside the Parkgate Road only stayed for 3 or 4 nights then left to travel up the Wirral to relatives there.Thankfully they didn’t leave too much mess for us to clean up.


The student village application for 2500 accommodation units and outline permission for a further 51 acres of land in Mollington still has to come back to the Council for consideration as it was withdrawn in April. The applicants were left under no illusion by the Council’s Planning Officers that there was no way that they could support the application. However that will probably be back with us in the autumn.


The green belt review is nearing completion by the Council. My colleagues and i are monitoring its progress closely. At the forefront of our considerations are the wishes of those residents who registered their comments on the Council’s core strategy consultation where 209 requested a LOW growth strategy for Chester whilst 24 wanted a Medium growth and 24 went for the

high growth: a pretty clear indication of the thoughts of our residents.

The implications are that if we were to go for the LOW growth scenario, then there is no need to go into the green belt, any changes  are therefore unnecessary or unwarranted.

We have to be prepared to dig in on this, as changes of this magnitude will clearly affect the quality of all our lives.


The application for the former Ridings school in Saughall is under consideration by the planning department. We were expecting 22 houses or so in the proposal but to ask us to accept 31 on such a compact site is unreasonable and totally unacceptable for a raft of reasons.


Backford Hall’s re-development scheme will be coming along in the autumn. It will be interesting to see what the proposals are for this prestigious grade 2 listed site in the centre of the village. Most of us realise that the Hall has to be maintained and protected and we all will have to do all we can to obtain the best scheme possible for the community under the circumstances.


Workshops are being held for the Vernon Institute development, as they are  for the community pavilion in Saughall, to ascertain the needs and demand for such facilities in the village. All residents are welcome please come along and contribute..

I said at the start …and make no apology for saying it again…”.busy times”

Councillor Brian Crowe.

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