Upton: Cllr Jill Houlbrook

Hilarie McNae & Jill Houlbrook Hilarie McNae & Jill Houlbrook

Thank you for voting for your 2 Conservative Candidates in May 2015, Jill Houlbrook and Hilarie McNae, and for re-electing Councillor Jill HoulbrookTo contact Jill, please click on her name above.

We would like to thank Hillary for her hard work and dedication to the ward during her time as Councillor. Before May 2015, Jill and Hilarie had invested some of their budget in financing 3 high quality plaques that will soon be installed in Upton. These plaques are to commemorate The Queen`s Diamond Jubilee. They will depict a history trail of Upton and give brief historical details of the buildings and places of interest in Upton. Phil Pearn, Chairman of Upton Local History Group has, with colleagues, compiled a leaflet giving a more detailed account of the History. We have paid for 5000 of these leaflets to be printed and they will be available from eg the library. Do look out for the plaques. There will be one at the War Memorial, one near the Pump and one at the Golf Club end of Church Lane.

Things in the pipeline.
We are intending to spend more money from our joint budget on restoring and repainting the distinctive Cheshire railings that can be seen on the outskirts of Upton. These are the railings that are white with every fifth upright painted black. We also want to take the opportunity to improve the Cockpit area . The thought is to sow wild flowers that will attract insects, install some benches ,have a better entrance gate, and remove some of the overgrown vegetation . We hope it will become more of a local focus. We are hoping to have a Carol Service for residents at Christmas time-if all goes well. There is the possibility of an archaeological investigation , which we hope will shed more light on the history of the cockpit. We hope that we will be able to involve the local schools in some of these aspects. At the same time we are going to do some improvement work on the Lodge Gardens, diagonally opposite the Cockpit.

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