Thank you for voting for Bob Crompton and Brian Anderson as your 2 Conservative Candidates for May 2015.

We would like to thank Bob Crompton for all his service as a Councillor up to May 2015.



We all know that the EPIC suffered from a huge lack of investment for years and so the new council made a commitment to replace it with a brand-new leisure centre. As Assistant Executive Member for Culture and Recreation, Bob has been helping lead the process for a new EPIC.

“We are going to make this more than just a replacement, we want it to be a regionally important, state of the art facility we can be proud of. A site will be chosen shortly and then work will begin as quickly as possible to build a great facility for our region.” said Bob.

The council is also planning new leisure centres in Chester and Northwich. Despite difficult economic times, Conservatives remain ambitious for the future of west Cheshire.

The New Sheriff Is In Town

Bob has the very great honour of being the first ever Sheriff of Chester not to be a sitting councillor for the Chester area. Under the new arrangements any member of Cheshrie West & Chester Council can become Lord Mayor or Sheriff of Chester, and Bob is proud to bring that honour to Ellesmere Port.

Bob took up the chains of office mid May and his only disappointment is that he does not get to ride a horse as part of the role!


Bob Crompton moved to Ellesmere Port in 1994 on retiring from the Royal Air Force after 30 years’ service. He is married to Elizabeth and has 4 grown up children and four grandchildren. After being made redundant from his job with Johnson Cleaners in October 2010 he is semi-retired and now describes himself as a full time councillor. Bob was elected to the Ellesmere Port and Neston Borough Council in and then the new Cheshire West and Chester Borough council.  He served as the Assistant Executive Member for Culture and Leisure and worked hard to ensure we have a top quality replacement for the EPIC.

“My aim is to ensure we have a great community for our children so my top priorities are good schools, great leisure facilities and a safe local area. All these things are essential to create the best possible environment for our children. I have been working hard to ensure we meet these priorities, during the last two years as a Councillor I have supported many projects for all sections of our community. These have been to help improve community safety, ensure that the new EPIC will remain a priority aim for the council and support initiatives to promote community involvement. It is essential that our communities act together to make this a better place for us all to live. “

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